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Aloe Vera & Mint Shaving Bar


Infused with zesty notes of aloe vera and mint, the shaving bars work flawlessly with our range of bamboo and metal safety razors. The fresh and soothing scent creates an uplifting and revitalizing shaving experience for men and women.

Chemical and paraben-free, each bar is made with only organic ingredients and free from detergents and preservatives. They are also perfectly, packaged in plastic-free wrapping every time.

Look after yours and it will look after you! The shaving bars can easily last a daily user from six months up to a year! The time period can be extended if you store it in a soap dish.

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To use simply…

1)      Wet the shaving bar with hot water.

2)      Wet the area to be shaved with warm water.

3)      Rub the soap directly onto the skin in a circular motion until it forms a lather – you may find it easier to rub the shaving bar onto a soft flannel.

4)      Last but not least, grab your safety razor and reap the benefits of your at-home barber quality shave.