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Plastic-Free Soluble Cleaning Sachets x5


Tackle kitchen grease and grime with our soluble cleaning sachets that are lovingly made here in the UK. Created with natural ingredients and infused with coconut & lime essential oils, they will leave a fruity and fresh scent drifting throughout your home.

Our cleaning sachets are a super simple way to reduce plastic, just refill an old container each time you run out. To use, simply drop them into the water, shake and clean.

Why make the switch?

Most cleaning products come in plastic bottles, and only 10% of all plastic that we pop into our recycling bins actually gets recycled. So, let's try and reuse as much as possible, these cleaning sachets just need to be mixed with water in any container you have. Reusing containers and switching to refills will make an enormous positive impact.

These sachets are ultra-compact and only contain a tiny amount of liquid plus they are produced in the UK, reducing the transport carbon footprint by 94%.

Top tip! Use with our amber glass spray bottle for the best results.

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Included in the box:

- 1x Antibacterial Bathroom Surface Cleaner (Ylang Ylang)
- 1x Antibacterial Kitchen Surface Cleaner (Coconut & Lime)
- 1x Oven Cleaner (Low Odour)
- 1x Glass & Mirror Cleaner (Apple & Mint)
- 1x Floor Cleaner (Sandalwood)
- Bright labels to stick on your reusable bottles so you know which is which
- Instruction & information card to make things extra easy
- Recyclable/compostable cardboard box