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Compostable Cleaning Cloths x4


Handmade in the UK, the multi-purpose compostable cleaning cloths are perfect for tackling household cleaning in an eco-friendly way. Each cloth is washable, reusable and the perfect zero-waste option to replace typical kitchen roll, wipes, and plastic sponges.

Look after them well and the cloths can be reused repeatedly. Once it’s time for a replacement, you can compost the cloth instead of sending it to a landfill.

Why make the switch?

Most common kitchen wipes and sponges are made from plastic, and they can’t be recycled. They’re usually either single-use, or used for a week before they’re thrown away, where they’ll contribute to plastic pollution and take hundreds of years to eventually break down into microplastics.

Our cloths are made from 100% natural ingredients, are reusable, and compostable. What’s not to love?


Durable & sustainable
Machine washable
Home compostable after use