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Compostable Sponge & Scourer duo pack


Make cleaning a breeze with the compostable sponge & scourer pack that is 100% biodegradable, 100% plastic-free and non-toxic to the environment. The sponge part is created from cellulose (a natural wood fibre), and each sponge features a natural scourer on the pad side. They also require less soap than a traditional sponge scourer, are extremely durable and will last months with no unpleasant smells.

The sponge & scourer is great for doing the dishes, cleaning bathroom surfaces and kitchen countertops, as well as everyday spills.

Why make the switch?

Most common kitchen sponges are made from plastic that can’t be recycled or composted. They’re usually only used for a couple of weeks before they’re thrown away and then contribute to plastic pollution for hundreds of years before eventually breaking down into microplastics.

Our cellulose sponges are a great alternative to chemical-filled plastic sponges as they are eco-friendly, all natural and biodegradable too.

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x1 Compostable sponge with sisal scouring side - for lighter scrubbing
x1 Compostable sponge with loofah scouring side - for heavy-duty scouring
Biodegradable - Made entirely from plants
Size of each sponge scourer: 7cm x 11cm x 2cm