What To Know About World Environment Day

On June 5th 2022, it will be World Environment Day – one of the biggest international days for the environment. Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and held annually since 1973, the event has grown to be the largest global platform for environment outreach, with millions of people from across the world working together to protect the planet. Keep reading to learn more!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

What actually is World Environment Day?

Essentially, World Environment Day is a global event for inspiring positive change. With over 150 countries participating, this day engages governments, businesses, schools, celebrities, cities, and communities into raising awareness and celebrating environmental action.

Individuals are given the opportunity to be drivers of change through their support for businesses and governments too. The actions of these larger entities can have a huge impact and really does make all the difference!

The theme this year 

The 2022 World Environment Day campaign is #OnlyOneEarth. This calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet. This will focus on the need to live sustainability in harmony with nature, and the changes we can make to shift to a greener lifestyle.  

The host

Inspired by the butterfly effect, Annie Oak believes that small events and actions make a difference on a larger scale. The butterfly within the logo reflects this, as well as representing endurance, hope, change, and the wonderful gift that is life.

What can you do? 

Making changes can be hard and daunting, but little changed make a big difference;

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Get involved and connect

World Environment Day 2022, like previous years, will be celebrated by millions of people across the world, both online and through in-person events.

Officially sign up via the World Environment Day website to stay informed and be part of the Only One Earth campaign. Click here.