Top Tips For A Sustainable Autumn

As the leaves start to change colour, the days get shorter & the weather turns colder the autumnal feel starts to take over. I love the change in season, it means it's time for the cosy outfits again. My favourite jackets can be dusted off & brought to the front of my wardrobe & the scarves start to make an appearance again. But I do always wonder what I can do to be more sustainable & Autumn is no different.

So, I have put together a list of small changes I make:

Eco Scarves

We all get those cravings for new additions to our wardrobe, so even when I buy something new instead of second-hand, I always look for the most eco-friendly option. I’m a sucker for scarves & this range made from 100% recycled plastic bottles ticks so many boxes. They are super soft, and comfortable, and the different patterns available means there is something for every taste.

Your new autumnal scarf will look great & save plastic from entering our landfills.

Reusable Travel Cups

Now we all know what this change of weather means, pumpkin spice lattes! It’s a right of passage & oh so delicious. Rather than use the disposable cups they come in which just end up in landfills, I always take my reusable coffee cup with me.

So, it’s just the calories I have to feel guilty about.

Soy Wax Candles

I like to make the most of the nights getting darker with a cosy evening in, too much comfort food, candles lit & my all-time favourite film. All the candles I buy now are eco-friendly, soy wax candles are always my go-to. They do not have all the toxins that normal paraffin candles have, they also burn for longer.

So if you want to light a candle for confidence from the magic spell range, have rosemary & sage fill the room with the aromatherapy range, or a little jar of lavender will be your soy candle of choice, this range has got you covered.

Bamboo Socks

The transition into autumn of course means that keeping your feet warm & cosy is a must. When I researched eco-socks I was amazed at the beneficial properties of bamboo socks. Temperature controlling, breathable & stretchier than cotton, not to mention soft. Made from sustainable bamboo you can keep your feet toasty with this great range of eco-socks.

Everything cotton, wool and polyester can do, bamboo can do better.