All you need to know about Ecomodo

Hello there and welcome to Ecomodo's blog!

What better way to start then to introduce you to us, the team, and our story?!

So, who are we? Essentially, Ecomodo is an online shopping emporium that sells eco-friendly, natural products that are kind to the user and the environment. We’re focused on sustainability, minimal packaging and zero unnecessary plastic.  

We’ve made every best effort to bring you, our lovely customers, the kindest products that are planet-friendly and crafted with only natural ingredients. From handmade soaps to kitchenware made from recycled coconuts, every item in our store is hand selected and loved by us.

The team

There's nine of us in the eco squad and between us we will have 20+ years in business. We all share the same passion for eco-conscious living and want to build a greener future for all!

What sets us aside from the rest?

We only work with suppliers and brands who support the same green-ethos and goals as us. Ecomodo is proud to be a cruelty-free company, our products are suitable for vegans, and we are against animal testing always. Each product we send out is hand packed with love! Only recyclable and plastic-free packing is used.

We’d love to get to know each one of you too! So, remember to follow us on social media and tag us in your pictures.



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