Five Eco Spring Cleaning Picks 

Oh hello Spring, we meet again! It’s the perfect time of year to get organised, clean the house from top to bottom and have a well-needed clear out. After all, nothing feels quite as satisfying as a home that is so clean it practically sparkles!

With that said, many of our favourite household cleaning goods are harmful to you and the environment.  Here at Ecomodo, we stock a range of eco-friendly cleaning products that will leave your home shining and won’t damage the earth either. Keep reading for our top five eco spring cleaning picks.

1) Cleaning Sachets

Reduce your plastic waste and tackle grease and grime with our soluble cleaning sachets that are lovingly made here in the UK.  Created with natural ingredients and infused with coconut & lime essential oils, they will leave a fruity and fresh scent drifting throughout your home – perfect for spring cleaning.

To use simply pour the sachet into a container. Drop them in the water, shake and clean. For the best results we recommend using with our reusable amber containers.

Included in the box:

- 1x Antibacterial Bathroom Surface Cleaner (Ylang Ylang)
- 1x Antibacterial Kitchen Surface Cleaner (Coconut & Lime)
- 1x Oven Cleaner (Low Odour)
- 1x Glass & Mirror Cleaner (Apple & Mint)
- 1x Floor Cleaner (Sandalwood)
- Bright labels to stick on your reusable bottles so you know which is which
- Instruction & information card to make things extra easy
- Recyclable/compostable cardboard box

2) Amber Spray Bottle

Spruce up your cleaning routine with the amber glass spray bottles that are convenient, eco-friendly and add a touch of style to any room. To use simply fill with water, add your cleaning sachet of choice and you’re ready to go.

These bottles are a great way to avoid buying chemical cleaning liquids which are often in single-use plastic containers. Making little changes like this can really make all the difference to our planet!

3) Compostable Cleaning Cloths

Handmade in the UK, the multi-purpose compostable cleaning cloths are perfect for tackling household cleaning in an eco-friendly way. Each cloth is washable, reusable and the perfect zero-waste option to replace typical kitchen roll, wipes, and plastic sponges.

Why make the switch?

Most common kitchen wipes and sponges are made from plastic, and they can’t be recycled. Our cloths are made from 100% natural ingredients, are reusable, and compostable. What’s not to love?

4) Eco Laundry Egg

And what better time to tackle the laundry during your spring clean?

Why not ditch the laundry detergent and fabric conditioner for good with the innovative laundry egg that is kind to the planet, your pocket, and your skin. 100% free from harmful chemicals or materials, the fresh linen scent will leave your clothing smelling gorgeous.

Investing in our eco egg could save you up to 40 bottles of plastic each year and each wash equates to around 10p each.

5) Bamboo Dishcloth

An excellent eco-friendly alternative, our ultra-soft, organic bamboo dishcloths will leave your dishes, cutlery and crockery sparkling.

Why make the switch?

Each cloth is a lot more absorbent than classic cotton meaning you’ll be able to dry a whole sink of dishes without breaking a sweat – or stopping to wring out your dish cloth.