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Bamboo Washing up Brush


Lovingly crafted with sustainable bamboo, Ecomodo’s washing up brush features natural, sisal bristles that are fully biodegradable and will not release microplastics into our water system.  

As with all our products, the washing up brush is made from natural, non-plastic materials which will biodegrade rather than lasting years in a landfill.

Why use bamboo/sisal products? As one of the fastest-growing sustainable plants, we use bamboo as an alternative to wood. No nasty pesticides are required to harvest the plant, which means it's naturally kinder to the environment. The bristles are created with sisal rather than plastic which would take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

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Top tip! To protect your set, remember to clean and dry out the brush after use.  

To change your brush head simply pull down the small, metal retaining ring and open the arms to slot in the new head.