Bamboo Socks - Elephants, Sheeps, Owls

Bamboo Socks - Elephants, Sheeps, Owls

Bamboo Socks - Clouds, Butterflies, Bees

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Keep your feet warm all year round with these super soft and super cosy Bamboo socks.

Available individually or a pack of three, decorated with a mixture of clouds, butterflies, and bees, they are made with lightweight and breathable fabric ensuring the feet are fresh, dry and comfortable.

Why bamboo? The simple answer: everything cotton, wool and polyester can do, bamboo can do better!

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- Bamboo grows without the need for fertilisers or pesticides.

- Naturally requires less water (a third of the water required to grow cotton).

- Bamboo yields are ten times higher per hectare than cotton & the plant rarely needs replanting.

- Bamboo yarns require less dye than cotton and keep their colour for longer.